Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Friends First Horse Ride

By my friend Mitzi...

I celebrated my birthday last 28 July and I decided to finish my bucket list. – to ride a horse.

When I was a kid, every time I saw cowboy movies (Desperado) or Chinese films (Once Upon a Time in China and America), I wanted so much to experience what it was like riding a stallion or a horse.

There are many ‘Kalesa’ (traditional carriage driven by horses) at my town, and I always am a fan of riding those. I get thrilled and excited at the same time that I always opted to be on the front seat together with the “driver”. But it was never contentment as I never got to control the horse on my own.

Finally, my lifelong heart’s desire came true. I had an opportunity to go to a town that was famous for its horses. And yes my aim is set - horse riding.

I traveled early morning. It took about 5 hours to get to the famous mountain spot. The weather was freezing by the way (but I was wearing my favorite “cowboy outfit”).  I never thought of the cold weather as I heartily smiled on my first horseback picture. :)

I got little horse named Ella.  The trainer helped me up to its saddle and slowly walked to horse to the crater.  My heart was ecstatic when I was on top on the horse!! …Holding its rein was amazing. I could not dare to ride her alone without the trainer on the rope as I was afraid to fall. But for the thrill of my first ever horse ride, after listening to his short instructions on how to drive the horse,  I rode Ella without him.

Luckily, Ella was tamed and friendly. She was not so hard to control. The riding was perfect.

I could not believe that I was able to ride a  horse alone.  I felt adventure and freedom …The feeling was something that I could not explain. Nothing that I can describe in words..

I rode the horse for about an hour but good things never last. Time to say goodbye..

My first horse riding was what I imagined it to be like in the cowboys films! :)

(Mitzi is currently living in the Philippines and we send emails to each other about horse stuff, horse products, horse training and just personal life.)

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