Friday, June 1, 2012

Winter Horse Tips

• Adjust Feeding Programs: As pasture superior or accessibility declines take into account rising hay and concentrates.

• Help Horses Keep Warm: Horses kept outside must eat extra fodder. Horses create a great deal of heat throughout digestion. A generous supply of hay helps maintain the horse’s internal furnace stoked.

• Add Minerals: In case your feeding program doesn't contain a mineral supplement contemplate adding one particular.

• Have Teeth Checked: Be certain your horse’s or pony’s teeth are looked after by an equine dentist. The inability to grind food appropriately will prevent a horse from receiving all the nutrients and energy it needs--especially if power demands increase during colder weather.

• Prevent Snowballs: If snow packs into your horse’s hooves attempt smearing the bottom with petroleum jelly.

• If You Ride Often: Drying a horse out immediately after a workout is tough. Contemplate clipping a heavy hair coat. A clipped horse, devoid of natural insulation, will require stabling and blanketing to help keep warm.

• Add Insulation: Take into consideration blanketing through wet, incredibly windy, or frigid weather. A wet coat looses its loft--like a wet down jacket, and will not hold body heat. Windy weather pulls warmth away. Some horses are comfortable for the duration of extremely cold weather; some will likely be far more comfy within a warm winter blanket.

• Provide Shelter: Even when your horses are stabled over night, supply them with a windbreak or shelter particularly should you be away most of the day.
• Banish Bots: Plan to deworm right after the initial heavy frost. Use a horse deworming medicine that consists of medication to kill bot larvae.

Continue Horse Deworming: Continue a normal deworming program all through the winter months.

• Don't Let Hooves Get Overgrown: Hold you horse’s hooves clipped. Clipped hooves will chip much less, hold much less snow, and will provide a bit a lot more grip on slippery ground.

• Check Below Blankets: In case your horse or pony wears a winter blanket (or rug) during the winter eliminate it day-to-day and verify for chaffing and irritation. Every day grooming keeps coats cleaner and your horse additional comfy if he wears a blanket.

• Make Cleaning Frozen Water Buckets A lot easier: Rubber buckets are simpler to knock the ice out of if they turn out to be frozen. Plastic buckets applied as water buckets can shatter once they freeze. This can produce a hazard and wastes funds when replacing them. Rubber buckets may price much more initially, but final longer.