Sunday, January 1, 2012

9 Ways to Keep Your Horse Happy

Horses are delightful creatures. They are clever, sensitive, and amusing to be around. These beautiful and magnificent animals need lots of care and attention. It is vital to make certain that your horse is happy so you can ensure an enjoyable and calm companion.
Here are 9 great ways to make your horse happy:

  1. Accurately feed your horse. Since it is in a horse’s nature to continuously graze, have firm schedules every day to feed them. Horses enjoy routines so let them eat at similar times of the day. A horse needs lots of fiber so provide him garden-fresh grass or hay. Give him grain as well but not a lot as it can distress his gut and cause horse colic. He must have entry to fresh water at all occasions. Water keeps the food ferment so it won’t solidify and turn hard in his gut and cause horse colic.
  2. Offer your horse lots of exercise. You would like his workout to be playful and not all work. Exercise maintains his muscle and tendons robust, enhances blood circulation, and aids with digestion.
  3. Clean your horse on a daily basis. Make certain you groom thoroughly so that his mane and skin are tidy and shiny.
  4. Let your horse go outdoors every day to gallop free in grassland. It is a soothing experience and lets the horse be a horse. He will get exercise and fresh air. And it will be better if you let him spend time with other horses.
  5. Your horses shed ought to be cozy and clean, with a soft bed. The barn must have suitable ventilation and he ought to be in the barn with other horses. Tidy the stable every day so there is no accumulation of his manures.
  6. Give your horse lots of attention. Speak to him in a tender voice, caress him, massage him, scratch him, and tease with him. Horses love affection.
  7. Use a pick to clean out his horseshoes daily. The shoes need also to fit well and are comfy. A horse that is in pain or uncomfortable will be bad-tempered, will bite, punt, and his ears will be reclined flat.
  8. A horse requires a particular time of the day to unwind and just be themselves. Provide them a specific time each day to be outdoors in grassland to play and relax.
  9. Make certain you have a Vet for your horse. You have an accountability to make sure the horse will be taken care of medically. Horses must never live in discomfort or with an illness. Care also comprises suitable equine deworming, dental issues, and looking out for such conditions such as horse colic and other grave illnesses.
Keeping your horse happy will not only benefit him, but it will improve your life and offer you with a faithful and loving friend.

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