Thursday, November 10, 2011

Benifits of Horse Riding

By nature, horse riding inspires the person mentally and the effect of the most body's systems can be great. Whether it’s jumping, dressage, cross-country or hacking the combination of the horse and its movement with the rider generates an exceptional effort on all the parts of the rider’s body.
As the horse walks the rider is continuously thrown off balance demanding the rider's muscles to tighten and rest in an effort to be balanced.

Horse riding can reach the postural muscles of the hips and pelvis and the adductor muscles of the thighs. Also, varying on the pace of the horse, other sets of muscles are operating intensely such as the quadriceps, hamstrings and Gluteus Maximus during trotting.

Horse riding, can affect the respiratory and circulatory systems and is considered to be cardiovascular exercise. In one research article obtained they described that the total calories used per hour by a 150 pound person throughout horse riding were comparable to those used during jogging (6mph) at 315 to 480 calories per hour.

Riding a horse involves a lot of dexterity in order to get the preferred response from the horse. Replication of the patterned movements is needed in managing the horse which aids to hasten the impulses.

As well as heightened co-ordination and leisure, riding arouses the vesibular system by the drive of the horse and it's changes in focus and pace. Proprioception has also revealed to rise due to initiation of the proprioceptors in the muscles, ligaments and joints.

Horse riding is a very delightful form of exercise, which arouses the cardiovascular system as well as all the body. Riding can also benifit the horse with reduced horse colic and horse ulcers.

Although riding is an energetic exercise, it is observed as delightful one and therefore the rider has better leniency and inspiration to increase the amount of exercise.

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